Thursday, August 04, 2005

Vehicular Relations: Busting Backseat Boppers

Courts have ruled that vehicles don’t count as private property, hence having sex in your car – even if the windows are tinted – is unlawful.

Does the same apply to a station wagon? Probably so. Though wagons are a bit roomier for said activity.

What about a van, some of which have rear compartments that can’t be seen into from the outside? Hmm.

Ok, what about a camper? These things have beds, toilets and sinks in them.

Same goes for a Winnebago; some of the larger ones could accommodate an orgy.

Then there’s the mobile home. True, most of the time they’re off their wheels and stationary. But what if a couple, or a couple of people, decide to get it on in the trailer while it’s being hauled to its new neighborhood? Will they be pulled over and cited?

And what if they decide to knock boots at a state-sponsored rest stop or at the Stuckey’s, where they enjoy a pecan-log-roll-in-the-hay?

I, for one, want to know the answers to these pressing questions.

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