Monday, August 29, 2005

Make Mine A Hefty, Please

United States-led abstinence programs in Uganda and other African nations are causing severe condom shortages, leading to unnecessarily high numbers of HIV cases. Some men have even turned to using garbage bags as prophylactics. See the whole story here:

See also my previous post on this topic:

The fight against the AIDS scourge worldwide is not going well and, sadly, the United States is the one compromising victory. We want to stop the disease, but only on our ideological terms.

It's regrettable that while some are attempting to further their own moral agendas, they're directly contributing to the deaths of countless people. The United States needs to show a real commitment to HIV/AIDS prevention, one driven by reason and compassion and not hindered by ideology.


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The thick lawn bags are the safest but I'v heard that the tall kitchen bags allow for more sensitivity. The bags with pull strings are also great because you can just slip your legs into the handle straps...

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