Thursday, August 04, 2005

Flawed Intelligence

Intelligent Design (ID) is the new, improved creationism. But slap a new, politically correct-sounding name on it, and it’s still the same thing.

ID is a theory that states that the universe is so complex, some entity must have created it. “God” is not specifically mentioned. Nor is any explanation of dinosaurs or hominids offered.

ID is a Trojan horse built to sneak creationism into public schools. Does it belong there? No, because they’re public schools. If you want your kids taught creationism, send them to private school, where they can be taught anything you want them to believe. Get a second job, recycle aluminum cans or join a pyramid scheme to fund that if you have to, but don’t change public schools just because you won’t spring for the private kind.

ID is a theory, not science, and therefore shouldn’t be taught in science class. Some say evolution is a theory, too. While spontaneous generation seems somewhat farfetched, evolution is based on scientific study. ID is a matter of beliefs, for which science doesn’t hold much value, and rightly so.

President Bush recently weighed in on the ID issue, stating he believes one purpose of education is to “expose people to different schools of thought” and “different ideas.” It’s unclear why no reporter at that press conference pointed out that this contradicts his stringent stance on sex ed, which is abstinence-only, and excludes mention of contraception, homosexuality and masturbation.

ID appears to be yet another issue some public figures are using to bolster the factually challenged contention that faith is under attack in the US. And it’s yet another instance of “flawed intelligence” being used by our president as a tool toward misguided ends.

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Pete Bogs said...

Comment from the author: A similar article appears in the 8/9/05 issue of USA Today. Mine's much better, though.