Friday, August 19, 2005

Bride Of BTK?

Dennis Rader, the self-labeled “BTK” serial killer, today began his 175-year sentence for 10 murders he carried out from the 70s through the 90s. Hopefully this brings the victims’ loved ones some level of comfort for what they’ve endured.

Hopefully, too, no foolish individual out there has developed a romantic interest in this monster since he came into the limelight. Not that he could benefit much from it now.

Still, we’ve heard many times about convicted killers getting love letters from women, who are attracted to their, well… who the fuck knows? These women will visit their beloved regularly and carry on a “love affair” through smudgy glass. Sometimes they even marry their favorite thug (the big lug)! Apparently there are no good men living freely in our society; they’re all behind bars. Why else would they be there?

Butcher This Killerwhoisascumsuckingpieceofshit (BTK, for short) is spending his initial time in prison isolated, so no relationships, at least the in-person kind, are possible for now. But I won’t be surprised if sometime in the future some bimbo professes her love for him on a TV tabloid show, because, “There’s just something about him...”

Were nuptials to occur between said nutcases, consummation wouldn’t be possible until BTK’s about 230 years young – at least. Still, I imagine the bride would be a widow before long, prison being what it is. Can you say “Jeffrey Dahmer?”

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